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Battle Arc 2088


BattleArc 2088

Written & Lettered by Danny Djeljosevic
Illustrated by Brett Marcus Cook

Neuro York, A.D. 2088. Zell was once an idealistic nanotechnologist at the megacorporation Common Cybernetics Concern. That is, until she uncovered CCC’s less-than-noble plans for her latest research. Deciding it was time for a career change, Zell torched her lab, stole an experimental battle suit, and now lives as a hacker who fights cyber gangs. Her apartment is a mess.

When a shocking piece of data drops into her lap, Zell finds out that the past she left behind has resurfaced. Now on the run with a target on her back, Zell has a whole lot of questions--and the answers are going to change everything.

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  • Physical copy available on Storenvy