comic book writer



“Questionable Comics: Alex Paknadel and Danny Djeljosevic,” Loser City (2016)

“Comics have no budget (creatively speaking), but that doesn’t mean you have to pull out all the stops at every single opportunity.”

“Interview: Danny Djeljosevic, writer of ‘Big Fucking Hammer,’" Comics Bulletin (2015)

“The comic began as my attempt to cope with running out of Veronica Mars DVDs in 2008.”

"Danny Djeljosevic: Whoever Reps Me Biggest and Loudest Gets to Be My Jay-Z," Comics Bulletin (2014)

"I guess I am the comics game Tyler, The Creator now.”

"Interview: The Kids Are Alright in Danny Djeljosevic’s Kids Rule!!!!“ The Spire (2014)

So here’s my method to writing comics — indulge your egomania, but then let your collaborators in. 

“24 Hours of Webcomics: The Ghost Engine,” The Beat (2013)

"Featuring great character work and especially zippy dialogue, the series is a buddy story following two people who have ghosts in their heads.”

“A Ghost in the Engine,” Bleeding Cool (2012)

“I know y’all are still mad at Lost.”

"Web Artist Wednesday: The Ghost Engine Interview,” Evan Yeti (2012)

"Anytime the Ghost Engine gets activated the soundtrack is that time Dan Deacon layered ‘Call Me Maybe’ 147 times.”