comic book writer



“Interview: Danny Djeljosevic, writer of ‘Big Fucking Hammer,’" Comics Bulletin (2015)

“The comic began as my attempt to cope with running out of Veronica Mars DVDs in 2008.”

"Danny Djeljosevic: Whoever Reps Me Biggest and Loudest Gets to Be My Jay-Z," Comics Bulletin (2014)

"I guess I am the comics game Tyler, The Creator now.”

"Interview: The Kids Are Alright in Danny Djeljosevic’s Kids Rule!!!!“ The Spire (2014)

So here’s my method to writing comics — indulge your egomania, but then let your collaborators in. 

“24 Hours of Webcomics: The Ghost Engine,” The Beat (2013)

"Featuring great character work and especially zippy dialogue, the series is a buddy story following two people who have ghosts in their heads.”

“A Ghost in the Engine,” Bleeding Cool (2012)

“I know y’all are still mad at Lost.”

"Web Artist Wednesday: The Ghost Engine Interview,” Evan Yeti (2012)

"Anytime the Ghost Engine gets activated the soundtrack is that time Dan Deacon layered ‘Call Me Maybe’ 147 times.”